Lumen is a safe place made up of doubters, thinkers, procrastinators, the intellectually curious, the existentially lazy, those who think they have it all together and those who know they don’t. If you have a pulse, you’re welcome here.

Lumen is a mission to partner with God and one another to change our world, one day at a time, one life at a time. We embrace the truth that every part of life can be sacred, that hope is a tangible thing, and that tomorrow is always a new day.

Lumen is a community of people who celebrate the divine found in the everyday, encouraging one another as we pursue lives of hope, gratitude, reverence, and worship.

Lumen is an open-ended learning curve of spiritual seekers devoted to forging an engaged, passionate, and spiritually healthy family.

Our Vision:  

Lumen seeks to engage in a loving, creative, and redemptive community that is continually awake to God’s presence in our lives as we serve the world around us.

That’s the broad sketch. Here are some of the ambitions we use to help bring the fuller picture into focus:

  • Relationships – we are open and welcoming. We are consciously cultivated communities. We are missional. We are all about engaged and growing relationships. We are who we are.
  • Grace – because we all need grace, we all extend it—to the seekers, doubters, skeptics, sojourners, question-askers, and everyone in between. In other words, to each other.
  • Storytelling – we use words, visuals, sounds, music, and other expressions to tell the stories of our lives. We always try to be transparent, creative, and authentic.
  • Fascination -we remain alive and awake, aware of God’s presence everywhere. We keep our eyes open to the wonder and awe that lie in the everyday world around us.
  • Generosity – we take great satisfaction in the privilege of giving generously to people in need locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Everyone is valuable; every life has meaning.


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