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episode 28:
Rhythms of Rest


“The motive that impels modern reason to know must be described as the desire to conquer and dominate. For the Greek philosophers and the Fathers of the church, knowing meant something different: it meant knowing in wonder. By knowing or perceiving one participates in the life of the other. Here knowing does not transform the counterpart into the property of the knower; the knower does not appropriate what he knows. On the contrary, he is transformed through sympathy, becoming a participant in what he perceives.”

-Jurgen Moltmann


Scripture Reading: Mark 1:29-39


“Knowing in wonder.” What a phrase Moltmann turns in this quote that can be directly applicable to those who witnessed Jesus performing miracles and “casting out demons.” And how difficult it is for us in modern times to “know in wonder” rather than to know “as the desire to conquer and dominate.” This week, come up with three things you know as a means of conquering/dominating, and starting thinking about ways you can know them “in wonder.” Then go outside some evening, stare up at the stars, and ponder the difference between the two. Let it change you.

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer



Ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle together about your experiences from the material this week.

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