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episode 27:


“When the camel you’re riding runs wild, nothing will stop it. You cling to its neck. You wrench at its beard and long lip. You cry into its soft ear for mercy. You threaten vengeance. Either you hurl yourself to death from its pitching back or you ride out its madness to the end. It was not I who ran off with my father’s blessing. It was my father’s blessing that ran off with me. Often since then I have cried mercy with the sand in my teeth… The blessing will take me where it will take me. It is beautiful and it is appalling. It races through the barren hills to an end of its own.”

–Frederick Buechner (from the viewpoint of Jacob, shortly after tricking his father into giving him a blessing.)


Scripture Reading: John 6:37-40


In many ways, the will of Jesus’ father was, much like the Frederick Buechner passage quoted above, “beautiful and appalling.” The crucifixion was appalling, but its end result is the epitome of beauty, the culmination of a long journey of will. Look over your own life and see if you can spot acts of the will that you find both beautiful and appalling. Write them down and meditate on them this week. What aspects are beautiful? What are appalling? What can you do with the tension between those two attributes?

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer



Ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle together about your experiences from the material this week.

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