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episode 22:
If You Love Me…


“We must not get caught up in the need for power over the poor. We need to be with the poor. That can seem a bit crazy because it doesn’t look like a plan to change the world. But maybe we will change the world if we are happy. Maybe what we need most is to rejoice and to celebrate with the weak and the vulnerable. Maybe the most important thing is to learn how to build communities of celebration. Maybe the world will be transformed when we learn to have fun together. I don’t mean to suggest we don’t talk about serious things. But maybe what our world needs more than anything is communities where we celebrate life together and become a sign of hope for our world. Maybe we need signs that it is possible to love each other.”

-Jean Vanier


Scripture Reading: John 14:15-21


In today’s text, Jesus promises He will love and reveal Himself to those who love Him. He promises the Holy Spirit, whom Christians will recognize because they are looking for Him. Here’s a suggestion: perhaps one of the best ways to recognize Jesus and the Holy Spirit is by going to those whom Jesus spent time with here on earth—the poor. Make some time this week to volunteer and serve the poor in your community. Seek out one or more organizations in your area that are helping the poor and ask them for ways you can contribute to their efforts. You may just find Jesus in a place you least expected.

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer


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