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episode 13:
Space Rubbers, Soil and Jesus


“The kingdom grows, [Jesus] says, because the kingdom is already planted. It grows of itself and in its own good time. Above all, it grows we know not how. Any bright ideas we might have about the subject will always and everywhere be the wrong ideas. Indeed, their wrongness will be proved simply by our having them; because if the kingdom could have been made to grow in this world by bright ideas, it would have sprouted up all over the place six times a day ever since Adam. But it never did and it never will, except in a mystery that remains absolutely beyond our moralizing, score-evening comprehension.”

-Robert Farrar Capon


Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:1-23


Go to your local gardening center and buy a packet of seeds. Pick out whatever you like: vegetables, flowers, shrubs, whatever. Spend the week carrying those seeds around with you in your pocket or your purse, and every time you see them, will with all your might for them to grow. You can pray, you can hope, you can furrow your brow until you sweat—whatever you want to do. Just do your best to make them grow yourself. And as you find that this will yield no results, use that as a reminder that none of us can make seeds to grow—it’s a natural process that requires something outside of our own will. Then say a silent prayer of thanks that your growth is not a matter of will but a matter of putting yourself in the best conditions you can and then trusting that God knows what he’s doing to bring about the growth in you that you desire.

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer


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  1. Robert DeFelice says:

    Thank you – Stuart for sharing and giving fresh insight on
    Matthew 13:1-23. It was very thought provoking and an interesting way
    of looking at a very familiar scripture.

    Robert & Barbara :

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