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episode 7:
Who Are You For?


“…The total number of humans who have ever lived is usually estimated to be around 110 billion. The question of how much water we should drink per day is the subject of furious debate… but the amount of water we actually drink per day seems to be about a liter. This amount varies a little depending on climate, but if we assume the average historical human drank a liter of water per day for 40 years, then our species has drunk about 100 trillion liters of water in total. [This] is still very little compared to even the volume of all rivers. This means that, since our drinking water passes through the water cycle and is quickly diluted by rivers and oceans, the majority of the water molecules we drink have never been drunk by any other human.”

—Randall Munroe


Scripture Reading: John 7:37-39


Jesus gave us a powerful metaphor when He referred to the Spirit (and Himself) as water. Fill up a glass with drinking water and consider the fact in the quote above: there is so much water on this planet that what is contained in that glass has never been drunk by any other human. Now drink it down, reflecting on the fact that no one else will ever drink that particular glass of water. That’s how all-encompassing Jesus is! He is limitless; He will never run out. Meditate on this whenever you drink a glass of water this week.

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Ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle together about your experiences from the material this week.

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