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episode 5:
Embracing Mystery


“My dear God, how stupid we people are until You give us something. Even in praying it is You who have to pray in us. I would like to write a beautiful prayer but I have nothing to do it from. There is a whole sensible world around me that I should be able to turn to Your praise, but I cannot do it. Yet at some insipid moment when I may possibly be thinking of floor wax or pigeon eggs, the opening of a beautiful prayer may come up from my subconscious and lead me to write something exalted.”

–Flannery O’Connor


Scripture Reading: John 14:1-12


Flannery O’Connor, a writer, spoke to God in her desperation to be a better writer, a writer who would be able to give God His due through her gift. In a way, we all long to go beyond our abilities when we interact with God, but the fact of the matter is that longing will not be fulfilled while we are here on this earth. And yet—we should still try! So take a moment to step outside your normal way of interacting with God and try something different. If you usually pray under your breath, pray out loud today. Paint. Draw. Write an allegorical story. Do something out of the ordinary to stretch your gifts and thus truly see the Father.

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer



Ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle together about your experiences from the material this week.

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