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episode 2:
Doubts, Questions and the God in the Middle


“We turn the gospel into cheap grace when we think of the cross only in terms of what Jesus has done for us. The cross is also the way we are called to follow—the way of endless enemy-love. An honest reading of the Gospels makes an offer of cheap grace impossible. We too are called to love our enemies. We too are called to forgive our transgressors. The bully who has made your life a living hell. The ex-husband who betrayed you. The ex-wife who left you a lonely man. The backstabber who sabotaged your career. The criminal who violated your security. The abuser who violated your dignity. The activist who advocates everything you oppose. And on it goes. We are called to love, forgive, and bless these enemies. The consumer Christianity of self-preservation and self-promotion will never be able to meet the challenge of taking up the cross and forgiving an enemy.”

–Brian Zahnd


Scripture Reading: John 20:19-31


Though it may feel unjust, forgive someone today. Write them a note that expresses your forgiveness. You don’t have to send it to them—you’re welcome to destroy it right away, honestly—but the act of writing will help to make your act of forgiveness concrete for you.

Read: Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer



Ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle together about your experiences from the material this week.

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